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2011-01-17 00:35:29 by Sonofgoku1

Spiffy is retooling. Please standby for more animations and more voicework

Voice for Hire is back!

2010-07-08 02:44:10 by Sonofgoku1

Projects will come again... when they are done. Sorry but I've decided to focus mostly on my voice work for the time being.

So If you need a voice over for your projects just send me a PM. If I'm not busy I will see what I can do. I'm usually prompt, but I'm a college student so I'm busy as well so bare with me.

Primarily camped with my bud Mrnihil I have also been featured in a few other animations on this website as well. I really need experience, so if you have a low, medium, or semi high voice you need for your next project, you know who to call.

Oh and if I can get the kinks worked out, I may post drawings on here now as well!

Cya spiffsters!

Progress Report (part 1)

2009-06-02 15:16:36 by Sonofgoku1

Howdy once again spiffsters!

Starting this week Animation is back on track (as work and free time allows lol) and I have been spending the past two days working on getting a ice rink door to open properly frame by frame. It's more trouble than it's worth, but I don't want anyone to say I'm not thorough. It looks smooth and I can't wait to add some zombies on the ice :D

PS: I think I may have found a jump drive yesterday that may have my old Submission to the Metal Gear Flash Collab that didn't make it, If I feel like it I may post it so you guys can see how much I've improved over the years, since Most of the stuff I've been making has either been a WIP or not submitted due to doodles :P

P.P.S. This is how I've been looking lately after getting out of work. Transporting and hooking up computers across campus to non air conditioned rooms always makes me look bad :P

Progress Report (part 1)

Been a while NG

2009-04-14 15:25:57 by Sonofgoku1

How have you guys been doing? Good? I hope so.

Ok enough of the formalities, it's time for business!

Summer is coming up shortly (less than a month of classes for me) and I'm taking the summer off besides work. for the past 2 years I've been taking classes during the summer so I haven't got anything done. Now I actually can work on my latest installment of Zombie tips! Once that's done, I'm planing a 2-3 min Music video/intro for my friends for our characters in one of the DND games we play. Can you say Dragon force with flying Dwarfs and gun toting mages?

Also I've been doing alot of voice work over the past few months. Got Casted in a few projects, Including but not limited to, various works for Mrnihil, Dorcus from Fire Emblem, Brad Vickers in Resident Evil, and the villains in Mega Blue Blaster (on the youtube) Machinma's of Super Smash Bros. I have other projects also in the works but I'll let you in on those later.

Until then, this is an artist interpretation of me explaining a 1 and a half year delay for most of my projects

Peace out Spiffsters!


Been a while NG

Well I waited and waited...

2008-09-20 13:34:55 by Sonofgoku1

And I didn't get in the second disk of the Metal Gear collab. Guess it didn't make the Dick joke minumium or something but oh well. I'll submit my part of the collab to the portal for critiques and see where to go from there.

in other news I'm still whoring my voice out to people who want it. ever since my last post I've donned the voice of Snake, Ganondorf, Dorcus from Fire Emblem, A Nerd in the upcoming Dungeons and Bandwagons animation, and many many more! If you are interested, just send me a PM and I'll see what I can do.

Also I'd like to thank nihil formaly for giving me a co-author on his Great Life Alarm animation, which made front page and daily 3rd.

Well... that's all I can think about for now... so I'll leave you with my reaction to a little under half of the submissions in the collab... :P

*edit* Halloween animation Idea is starting to shape, hopefully I'll have stills to post in a few days of basic art work sorry but it's not A zombie tips :P */edit*

Well I waited and waited...

I have some good news to share to all you spiffters out there so I think I'll post it here.

1. I've decided to whore myself out... My voice anyway. That's right, Ever since the MGS collab started I did alot of voice acting for people who requested it, and now I want to do more. If you have a request, and I have the time, I will Record a voice for you. A demo reel is on Rina-chan's Voice acting club boards, but I'll post both here on a later date. PM me if you want but i will need time to get back to you on if I can do the project or not.

2. Remember that old project of mine called Blam Busters? Well check my submissions and see the old sucky ass trailer if you want... but it's highly unrecommended. it sucks lol. But I Do want to revive the project. Not as what I orginally wanted. it will probably now be a one shot Animation showing Marc, RIchard, and my other character Katie Fighting the blams. Probably a 2 or 3 min music video featuring some Newgrounds exclusive music. I'll post pics as I see fit, but drawing the Blammobile in a full 360 is a pain without any 3d rendering....

3. Zombie Tips is on the back burner until my blam busters revival is finished. If I don't do it now It'll never get done. T-T

well I'm done for the night pretty much so remember to keep the portal clean and HUGS FOR EVERYONE!


If you havn't seen it yet... what are you waiting for!? Click here and start loading! and finish reading my newspost... the load takes awhile!

Well I didn't make it into part one per say... My animation didn't make it in, but my voice did, thanks to my buddy Mrnihil! He did an excellent job with his submission and I hope you pay a visit to his userpage and his website! Trust me, he always does excellent work with his animations.

At any rate, I'm looking forward to part 2 so I can see if my clip made it in. If it didn't I'll release it to the portal so I can figure out if I did a good job.

So here's the TL;DR...
Click here
Click herel
and see you guys later when Part 2 comes out!


P.S. My other animations are getting started again, so keep a look out for them on the portal this summer and fall


2008-05-17 04:32:12 by Sonofgoku1

I've been out of commision due to study's but its summer again so its time to hit the animation fast and hard. And with my new time system I can work on animations all summer without much problems. I do have summer school to get ahead in my studies, but It shouldn't have any affect on my animating.

At any rate heres whats going down in Spiffy town

1. I'm finishing up my submission for the New Grounds Metal Gear Collab, and so far it looks EXTREMELY well done. And yes they do have limbs. LOL IT should be done on the 18th or 19th so Please keep a look out for the collab when its released

2. I'm going to be picking up on either Wii Bit of fun or Zombie tips 2 this summer, and hopefully they will be done... I've been working on them on and off for a year, but they will get done soon.

3. Voice acting... If you need anything done just give me a PM or anything of the such and I will see what I can do. :D

At any rate that's the low down! I'll see you later spiffsters!

Time to explain...

2007-12-29 03:16:02 by Sonofgoku1

I want to apologize for the lack of not only a Halloween Animation, but a Xmas animation as well. I've been busy as hell for the past couple of months due to my life *I.E., My college courses, My social and Personal life, and work* and to top it all off, Animathon '08's SECOND attempt was thawrted due to an Ingrown toenail surgery and leaving my Power cable for my computer 100 miles away from where I moved the actual computer! All In all, Sonofgoku1= fail for 2007

But lets hope for the best in 2008! I'm back to animating Zombie Tips 2, which I hope will be out before January is up. After that, I'll be taking a break from animation to work on my comic. It will be featured on my Website, , and maybe a local newspaper if I get hired. stay tuned to figure out what Spiffy Productions has in store for you!

Time to explain...

Animatahon '07 is Underway

2007-10-23 20:40:11 by Sonofgoku1

Time for a Spiffy Update, and some news on what Animatathon is

First off, animatahon is where I put alot of my schedule aside *if not all of it lol* and put it into animating. The first *and most successful* one was with DND last year at Xmas time. This year it's all the way till the 30th when I release Zombie Survial Tips 2. The majority of the week will be to the two BIG sequnces of Animation that involve alot of timing and other shit to be right. After those Are done, I'm going to add sounds and voices and then polish it, then send it in to you guys at newgrounds! It'll be an exclusive here for awhile then i'm going to send it to my other main guys at ABS.

At any rate, here is last weeks Progress

1. Zombie 360 degree is done, as well as some other tweeks to richards and the other characters models
2. Bg's are getting done and polished a little... thinking about adding fog though
2 1/2. PINEAPPLES!!! but seriouslly
3. Dance sequnce begun *in infancy* but this week will produce the whole shebang!

Thats about all I have to say right now without giving away the entire thing, so Lay back and wait for the 30th or 31st for my Greatest Spiffy Production to Date!